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31 May 2012


No Official Name has been asked to design a digital visualisation which represents the data from the Culture Cloud project at the New Art Exchange. 
The first video will launch today at the gallery. Pop in to see the work and take a look at the 100 submissions chosen for the voting, which starts online on 4 June!

Twitter @noofficialname

23 May 2012

Turner Prize Shortlisted Artists

Back in October 2010 Nottingham was the first host of British Art Show 7.

More specifically, New Art Exchange was one of the main venues for 4 of the artist's work.

In the Mezzanine gallery, NAE was proud to show artist Elizabeth Price's piece, and is now pleased to hear that she has made it as a short listed artist for the Turner Prize 2012!

The winner will be announced at Tate Britain on Monday 3 December 2012...

22 May 2012

NVA 6 has arrived at the New Art Exchange!

Featuring 2 staff memebers, Roshni Belakavadi and Alice Thickett and a regular volunteer Jack Vickers!

Come to the gallery to collect your free copy after you've had a look around the Hetain Patel:At Home and Morph:Terra Nova exhibitions!

18 May 2012

Hetain Patel:At Home exhibition
- This 'Comment of the Page' was picked by NAE's multi-talented Ben Lord (assistant to the cafe and gallery). The current exhibition is definitely
'smileyfaceandsunglasses COOL!'
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H a P p Y  B i R t H d A y!

Craig Thompson

... to NAE volunteer and blog contributor Laura Millward!
Have a wonderful day!

16 May 2012

Camera Obscura Workshop


Here are a few photographs from March's Camera Obscura workshop which was run by photographer Jon Legge. The workshop was a brilliant chance for visitors to try their hand at making their own camera obscura simply by using a cardboard box, some tracing paper and a lense. Everyone enjoyed the class, and as you can see, the final creations looked very impressive indeed!

Jon Legge is back at the gallery this weekend for Superhero Saturday, a whole day of fun activities for young people and families on the 19th May. Come along dressed as your favourite superhero, and you can get your action photo taken by Jon and the team against a background set! The photo session runs from 12pm til 2pm. There will also be a free screening of Spiderman 2 at 2.30pm, and anyone in costume will get a free goodie bag! More details on the event can be found here.

Looking through a wooden camera obscura


Jon set up this one in the window

The final camera obscuras!
The final camera obscuras!

15 May 2012

Curating the Dots roundup by Kate Martin

Thursday saw the New Art Exchange host ‘Curating the Dots’ a talk centred on ‘augmented reality’ and ‘digital curation’ by Open Curate It’s Boo Chaple, famous new media artist Jeremy Bailey and Apposing’s Louis Aims. This energetic presentation left me thinking about the effect the digital world can have when engaged with the real world.

I’m sure that certain theorists such as Walter Benjamin would have been horrified by such developments but in contemporary society most people have at least dabbled in the delights of social media. Nonetheless, for some people (myself included!) the vast realms of computer generation are tricky to understand. If I look back upon various pages of notes from academic lectures, curation has been defined as ‘to act as a keeper of objects by organising and overseeing’. Understood this way it is perfectly feasible to understand how bringing together hyperlinks and online content can be understood as within the boundaries of curatorial practice.

These social platforms reflect a major social shift that allows for alternative audiences and communities to engage. Therefore, augmented reality offers an interesting approach to accessible meaning making and active engagement strategies within the arts and culture sector. The dynamics of sites like allow for a more collaborative and ‘open’ approach to curation than perhaps traditionally understood. Of course as Boo highlighted, ‘openness is a slippery beast’ and one which she continues to struggle to define.

Regardless of the  inherent ‘teething troubles’, innovative new approaches are exactly what are needed to ensure the arts and culture sector continues to captivate audiences and flourish in the current economic situation. After listening to the thoughts of Boo and Louis and being immersed into the enthralling and earnest world of the ‘famous’ new media artist Jeremy Bailey I can see just how effective the digital world can be when engaging the real world . The performative nature of the evening definitely had the audience amused and enthused.

More information can be found at the following links::

by Kate Martin

11 May 2012

Hetain Patel:At Home exhibition
"Well done - the shows great -> can you teach me some moves please?"
- we definitely agree with you on that one, all the staff at NAE have been practising in the gallery!
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10 May 2012

Curating the Dots


Thursday 3 May, 6:30pm - 8pm

Curating the Dots talk, introduced Boo Chapple of FACT (, and Celebrated New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey. Each spoke of digital technology, new media artworks and augmented reality – subjects very much at the forefront of NAE’s discussions since organising the Culture Cloud project this year ( ‘The famous’ Jeremy Bailey conducted a performative talk using his own art graphics and talking to the audience on a screen. Entertaining and sincere, his video art above is very much worth checking out!

04 May 2012

In the kitchen with Vina Ladwa, Guest Chef!

It’s that time of year again- a new season, a new exhibition and a new Guest Chef! In keeping with the the themes of Hetain Patels ‘At Home’ exploring his Indian and English heritage, we have Vina Ladwa ‘In The Kitchen’ cooking up some traditional Indian cuisine in the heart of Nottingham's Hyson Green.

The new additions to the menu are: Trevti Daal, a combination of 3 daals cooked together, saak or ‘sabji’ a mixture of aubergine, potatoes and herbs and fragrant white rice cooked with aromatic cumin seeds.

These new dishes will be available for the duration of Hetain's show ending July 14th. So don’t miss out! Come on down, tour the show and enjoy a traditional Indian meal courtesy of Vina Ladwa.

About Vina:
As well as a talented indian cook, Vina Ladwa is an Indian Classical Dancer heading up Manushi Dance and teaching our Kathak classes every Saturday. Vina was also a performance mentor for Hetain Patel’s classical tabla drum training!

03 May 2012

Tomorrow is the last day...

It's cloudy outside, so stay wrapped up indoors and apply for the Culture Cloud
... see what we did there?

You've got untill midnight tomorrow (4th May) to upload your 2D artwork! Don't miss out!!

CULTURE CLOUD is a digital space for artists to upload their artwork onto a web portal where both recognised curators and public audiences will vote for the works they like.
There will be 2 winners - a ‘curators choice’ and the ‘public choice’ based on votes from the final stage (stage 4) of the competition. The overall winners of CULTURE CLOUD will receive a cash prize of up to £2000, a personal iPad app and the possibility of a solo show at New Art Exchange in the future.