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17 June 2013

Skinder Hundal, the Creative Case for Diversity


"The Creative Case can lead to an infinite range of new thinking, new product, new stories, new aesthetics about how art is presented in a contemporary way that will then transform how art and culture is seen as part of our life."
Click here to see New Art Exchange's CEO, Skinder Hundal, discussing NAE’s contribution to The Creative Case for Diversity- a re-imagining of the Arts Council’s approach to diversity and equality. 

03 June 2013

Sundays at NAE!

Yesterday NAE launched the first of our Sunday openings happening throughout the summer period. I decided to join in with the fun and here's what I thought...
I started my day with smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast from NAE's special brunch menu- delicious! There was also a range of newspapers were available to read, creating a perfect lazy Sunday morning vibe. In addition I read 'The Exchange on Sunday', a mini newspaper produced by NAE featuring real life stories, an interview with theatre practitioner Kyle Futers, and a recipe for Mutton with Tabouleh.


After breakfast there was a range of different activities happening. Outside the building visitors were decorating the pavement slabs with designs in chalk. I had a go at playing hopscotch, which was great fun as I had not done it since I was a kid at school and had actually forgotten the rules. There was also plasticine modelling, string and cup telephone making, and a postcard activity which I did. Following the instructions on the bright red 'magic' postbox at NAE, I wrote a postcard to myself in the future describing my day and asking a few questions about what my future holds.

There were lots of things happening throughout the day. Haaniah Khizer was in the café doing lavish henna art, and ABC dance school was showing visitors how to belly dance. In the afternoon I enjoyed a refreshing mint and elderflower favoured cup of tea and an Indian sweet. I had a fantastic day and there is something for everyone to enjoy. I will definitley join NAE for another jam-packed Sunday!
- Laura-Jade Klée