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30 April 2012

Hetain Patel:At Home exhibition
For every page of the comment book in the NAE gallery we're picking the best comment and publishing it on the blog... will your comment be **COMMENT OF THE PAGE**?

26 April 2012

Name: Laura Millward

Age: 28

Job on the blog: errm not quite sure what the title for this would be.. maybe Picture Editor or something visual sounding?

Favourite creative: 
Craig Thompson

A bit about you and what you do: 
I work as a Creative Designer, and love to draw and take photos in my spare time. I can also be found reading comics, drinking tea and rifling through old records in charity shops.

24 April 2012

Name: Alice Thickett

Age: 23

Job on the blog: General Overseer

Favourite creative: 
Keith Tyson. And any geek that works with Data Visualisation.

A bit about you and what you do: 
I work at the NAE on the front desk so you'll see me about. I manage a project group called No Official Name and try to make time to make my own artwork and buy other people's! 

20 April 2012


So with tonight being the launch of the new main gallery exhibition at NAE from Hetain Patel, WE'RE RELAUNCHING THE BLOG!!

Our first posts will welcome some of the new team who are going to work hard to keep the blog going! They're a nice bunch!

If you have anything to say about art or the NAE, get in touch by emailing

Tara for now mi ducks!