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19 October 2012

Drawing your Family History Workshop

*photographs by Laura Millward

Photographer Jon Legge hosted another brilliant workshop here at New Art Exchange last month. Families were invited to bring along some family photographs to turn them into drawings!

Jon placed each photograph into a projector called an epidiascope which then projected the image onto the wall, where large pieces of paper were hung to act as a canvas for the drawings. Children could then trace around the images of their relatives, creating an outline drawing which was a fun and easy way to create a family portrait. Another projector was set up to create a shadow of the person posing, creating a silhouette to draw around.

If you would like to attend a family workshop why not come to the next one, this Saturday 20th October, when we are hosting a drawing event for the Big Draw. It runs from 2-4pm and all are welcome to attend and help to create a collaborative drawing inspired by NAE's current exhibition.

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