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06 August 2011

Mela Weekend

Mela weekend (6/7 Aug 2011) brings an international arts and cultural extravaganza to Nottingham connecting with Riverside Festival for the first time! Nottingham has always pioneered an artistic and innovative Mela - and incidentally delivered the very first National Mela (1988) in the UK through Apna Arts - driven by Parbinder Singh (Pabs) and a young volunteer team, of which I joined all those years ago...makes me realise the power of art, big festivals, something real and relevant, passionate people who believe in something strong and how such notions and components add value to who we are, what we deliver and where we end up. As a volunteer from 1992/93 I came back as CEO of NAE to deliver something meaningful with a rooted history and an exciting future. Hats off to pioneers like Pabs who make a difference to people's lives. To continue the progress and stay relevant Mela will reincarnate appropriately, watch this space... That's all folks from me, hope to see more interesting comments and responses from you all out there in cyber space and hopefully physically here at NAE too. Soon speak,Skinder

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