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30 July 2013

Mosakaa Recipe from NAE's Newspaper, The Exchange on Sunday

12 July 2013

Throughout June and July, The New Art Exchange has opened up its doors on Sunday to artists, commmunity groups, and families. There has been a range of events and activities for everyone to enjoy.
This Sunday, see 'Hatch: Scratched', a theatre performance taking place around NAE from 1pm- 5pm. From 6pm- 8pm Flamenco dancer, Fiona Malena will also be performing ( There is also a range of family activities, Henna Art, and a special menu of brunches, teas and sweets!

Fiona Malena performing at NAE this Sunday
Another highlight is NAE's very own free newspaper, available to read on Sunday's. To see what's been happening in past weeks, take a look at these issues below!
The Exchange on Sunday, Issue 1
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The Exchange on Sunday, Issue 2

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01 July 2013

Why the arts matter…

Last month, Issac from Rushcliffe Sixth Form joined NAE for a work experience placement. See his fantastic article about why the arts matter.
Why the arts matter…

The arts are important as they enlighten people on a variety of cultures, which living in an ever-growing diverse society is an increasingly valuable awareness to have as part of modern life. The arts educate people on different cultures, creating awareness of religions and beliefs, forming mutual respect and togetherness within communities. As well as this the arts allow peaceful methods of expression, whilst opening people’s awareness of domestic and foreign issues, of the past and present.

Not only do the arts create a cultural understanding in society they also help children learn and develop crucial skills. It has been proven that art helps children’s development as it stimulates their imagination and critical thinking. As well as giving them problem solving skills, the ability to make decisions, to complete and finish a task and an overall awareness of cultures. Most importantly the arts make learning for young children enjoyable, creating enthusiasm which will encourage the child to want to learn and explore more.

Through the use of events, exhibitions and workshops the arts educate, generate jobs, create awareness and expand people’s perspectives, whilst forming respectful open minded communities.
-Issac, Rushcliffe Sixth Form