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22 November 2012

Edward Lucie-Smith

Art critic and historian Edward Lucie-Smith visited New Art Exchange to help launch part two of our contemporary Jamaican art exhibition, I is AnOther.

During his visit he took time out to chat to us about the current and future state of the contemporary art world from the perspective of Jamaican artists who exist as both participants and outsiders by mapping journeys of their survival and development.

Edward Lucie-Smith has published more than a hundred books in all, including a biography, a historical novel, and more than sixty books about art, mainly but not exclusively about contemporary work. He is generally regarded as the most prolific and the most widely published writer on art and a number of his art books are used as standard texts throughout the world.

Our Editor also picked out one of her favourite poems by Lucie-Smith which is quoted below!

What do you most like?
- My own company.
What do you most dislike?
- My own company.
What do you want on your desert island?
-        In the middle of a lake, a desert island.